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Sweetwater Mission awarded funding to assist ONLY Cobb County Residents that are past due on rental payments.


Individuals and families can qualify for assistance. Required documents:

Proof of income for the past two months

Must meet income guidelines

Landlord agreement required

Cannot be served by multiple agencies

Additional documentation will be required

Must call (770) 819-0662  Ext. 16 & Ext.17 Espanol for appointment


If the call goes to voicemail, please leave your first and last name, telephone number and the name of your apartment complex if you live in an apartment. 

We are receiving a large number of calls each day.  Please be patient; we will return your call.  Please DO NOT call multiple times.  THANK YOU!


           If you cannot reach Ext. 16 or Ext. 17, please send an email to erainfo@sweetwatermission.org  List                                  your contact info – name-phone-email and a brief message about your situation.


          Our payment prioritization as required by the U. S. Department of The Treasury:

  • Existing Court Cases – actual eviction papers have been served and tenant has already had one court date

  • Pending court cases – tenant has received a Notice of Dispossessory and has a pending court date

  • Households with incomes less than 50% area median income (See tables below)

  • Households with one or more members that have been unemployed for at least 90 days

  • For all other households’ priority is first applied – first served (dependent upon all documents required for payment are received)