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Volunteers Needed!

Discover the personal reward of sharing your time while enriching the lives of others.


Sweetwater Mission was founded on volunteer service and it is volunteerism that continues to be the life-giving force that allows us to provide top-quality assistance!


The first step is to attend Volunteer Orientation. We have regularly scheduled Volunteer Orientation each month (see dates below).


For more information about volunteer opportunities, contact 




While we continue to offer EXPRESS FOOD during this emergency, we must practice safe measures that require a minimal

number of volunteers. If you are a current volunteer or interested in volunteering contact Megan@SweetwaterMission.org


We appreciate your understanding, prayers and continued support!

Volunteer Opportunities...



Volunteer opportunities are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm



Food Pantry volunteers assist clients with food choices, take groceries to their cars, restock pantry shelves, pick-up and sort donations.




HOPE Program volunteers assist with computer training, class preparation materials and life-skills training.


Special Event volunteers help us with our fundraising and other events throughout the year. If you have expertise and a desire to serve in this area we will find a project for you.


Special Gift & Holiday Program volunteers are needed to sort and assemble donated items for our School Supplies, Family Easter Baskets, and Warm Coats Warm Hearts programs.


Off-Site Donation Drives help us to supply our clients with basic necessities such as diapers, toiletries, sheets, towels, and winter coats. If you are part of a large group that wants to serve with us, off-site donation drives are a great way to involve everyone. Before and after the drive, bring your group to our facility and take a tour so you can see first-hand how your contribution helps our community.

Community Service...



We welcome Court Mandated, Attorney Requested and School Required Community Service Workers.


The first step to begin Community Service with Sweetwater Mission is to attend an Community Service Orientation which is held every Tuesday morning beginning at 10:00 am, no appointment is necessary.


Court Mandated or Attorney Requested CS workers must bring a Picture ID and copy of all charges. Among the charges we cannot accept are Violent Crimes, Drug Posession with Intent to Sell, Shoplifting, Theft or Identity Theft. Sweetwater Mission reserves the right to deny applicants for any reason.


School Required CS workers must bring Picture ID and paperwork if applicable. It is the student's responsibility to make sure that we are notified beforehand of any requirements or reporting necessary for your grade.


Fore more information, contact Debbie@SweetwaterMission.org

Volunteer Contact Form:

Congratulations to
Kristen Buckalew
Winner of the 2021 Simone Collett
Outstanding Volunteer Award!

Every year our volunteers nominate one of our peers for exemplary Service. Kristen has been serving as a volunteer for Sweetwater Mission since 2012, with 9 years of dedication to helping our food pantry and assembly line. After Covid-19 hit, Kris was one of the first volunteers to come back and continue to help in any way to our community in need. Her sweet attitude, big smile, and eagerness to help our community are what drives Kris to be a great person. Thank you Kris, for your hard work and tremendous dedication to our organization. 

Carol Williams



Debbie Lee



Laura Lindsay



Belinda Thomas


Kristen Buckalew



Juanita Brown



Larry Garcia



Michael Barrett



Leon McClung



David Grosskurth



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